Wechat APP Developer 8000-10000
1、负责公司项目微信小程序的开发;熟悉微信公众号开发架构、流程,能独立完成微信公众号和小程序开发 (必须具备独立开发能力)

Job specification
1. Responsible for the development of WeChat small programs of the company project; Familiar with the development architecture and process of WeChat public account, able to independently complete the development of WeChat public account and small program (must have independent development ability)
2. WeChat public account and small program development experience more than one year;
3. Responsible for interface coordination with the server;
4. Able to understand requirements correctly, and complete code writing and self-testing independently;
5. Familiar with WXML, WXSS, WXS and other languages and styles, able to complete the page layout of small programs with high efficiency and high quality, proficient in using JavaScript to complete business logic;
6. Familiar with HTML5, CSS3, ECMAScript and other basic knowledge;
7. Familiar with the API of WeChat applets and have a certain understanding of the compartmentalization, data storage mode and data processing of applets;

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