1. Negotiate terms, schedules, and deliverables with current content partners being professional photographers, filmmakers, production companies; 2. Manage new partnerships from scouting to negotiation and output delivery; 3. Activate partners to contribute to DJI’s content creation projects, speak at DJI events, beta test and provide feedbacks to new products; 4. Manage video and photo content delivered by partners from sourcing to approval to publishing to storing on DJI’s content library; 5. Coordinate with other teams and brand partners to distribute DJI content and increase impact; 6. Develop and execute gorwth strategy for DJI’s user generated content campaigns and communities; 7. Assess, validate and vet marketing partnership opportunities received by the Content Partnership team; 8. Support ad hoc marketing projects (product campaign, website launch, etc.).


1. Bachelor degree or above; 2. At least 2 year of experience in marketing, video production or business development; 3. Experience in sponsorships, ambassadorship and/or project management preferred; 4. Great sense in content style and quality, strong analytical skills, high business acumen, and self-driven; 5. Successful candidates will demonstrate a high degree of tenacity; 6. Excellent interpersonal, communication and writing skills; 7. Bilingual in English and Chinese; 8. Technical knowledge about videography/filmmaking/photography, the camera industry, and drone technology is a strong plus; 9. Basic editing skills (Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro).

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