• Describe the principal mission of the position
  • Drives Supplier Integration into Projects to optimize QCDI and non recurring costs
  • Ensures Segment Strategy compliance along Sourcing Process in all Business awards  
  • Support site -30 plan implementation
  • Highlight the main responsibilities
  • As Member of the Project Team, Leads Sourcing Process from Project Kick Off (or CCP stage) till completion of PQA stages
  • Participates to Project Meeting and Activities (Project Kick Off, Sourcing Plan, Technical Steering Committee, Project Management Committee) and Supports project award during CAA for his/her own site.
  • Supports Project Manager in Preparation of Sourcing Plan to define mutual PTM commitments and conditions to proceed with Pre-SoCo (RFQ), SoCo (Award) and SOP at required QCD conditions.
  • Identifies Critical Parts as per CLEAN definitions and review contingency plan with related PTM (anticipated design Reviews, S-VRF, possible specification changes…). Request PM arbitration when required.
  • Involves Segment Leader (or Group Segment Director) in appropriate timing to share project constraints and propose sourcing strategy compliant with Group Segment Strategy
  • Selects supplier bid-list based on Compliant Segment Panel and liaise with Project and Segment organisations to identify Bundle opportunities.
  • Assess pre-selected suppliers risk impacts on the project related to Development or Production capacity, Technical or Quality capability, financial sustainability. Proposes with Project team & Commodity organisation mitigation plan and ensures it properly recorded in PuMa Pre-SoCo & SoCo pages.
  • Proposes Lotting and RFP tactics and anticipate use of Auctions with the Project Team
  • Co-ordinates S-VRF definition and plan Supplier Design reviews to:
    – ensure Supplier full understanding,
    – capture improvement proposals,
    – obtain Supplier acceptance of Valeo Requirements,
    – enhances competition at equivalent scope
  • Performs RFQ Process via PuMa & Auction (Live or Online)
  • Leverages commodity organisation to reach pre-sourcing, sourcing decisions and meet project targets.
  • Ensures timely sign off with the segments of all supplier contracts related the project (from development contracts to mass production)
  • For global platforms assembled in multiple plants of Valeo, coordinates with PG/PLPPD and other project buyers to ensure project will meet from SOP with (i) commodity strategy requirement in every region, (ii) localization in line with needs of receiving plant, (iii) global leverage and securization of the supply base for the platform
  • Manages achievement of all project milestones related to suppliers and follows progress of PQA stages.
  • Defines and controls communication flows and contents between project teams and suppliers. Ensures all necessary documentation (Project & Supplier) is properly stored in PuMa
  • Makes the best possible use of all PuMa features and promote its usage among his project team.
  • Pilot and forecast the project purchasing index and lead the productivity action plan (VP & PTBV) to reach CAA Targets.
  • Ensures proper transfer to Serial Production including Productivity Actions yet to implement (PTBV).
  • For advanced purchasing (P3/P2) :
  • proposes and validate with commodity organisation pre-sourcing target suppliers
  • manages all contractual aspects to protect Valeo intellectual property and segment panel
  • KPIs :
  • Project Purchasing Index
  • SoCo Metrics (Sourcing Ratio; LTA; Business Link)
  • Project Milestones (PRAC, IS)
  • Unqualified Initial Samples (UIS)
  • Project inflation balance
  • Project platform localisation rate (must be in line or better than OEM project currency pass through)


  • What education and education level are necessary for the position?
  • Postgraduate degree in Management or Engineering (a Ph.D. or MBA in Purchasing is a plus).
Professional Experience
  • How many years of professional experience in a specific professional area are required for the position?
  • 3 to 5 years of experience in a Purchasing, R&D, Industrialization, Quality, Sales or Project function.


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