§Role Description
–Establishes an effective materials pipeline and drives product lead time achievement reflecting global demand, service expectations, customer priorities, costs and constraints.
–Focused on inventory commits and optimization, E&O projections/scrap disposition, freight mode shift/cost/tracking, lead time heatmap/hot spot analysis and publication, CLCA, supply buffers, S/D balancing.
§Key Responsibilities:
NMS– identifies key NMS reduction/optimization with opportunities and works with the relevant stakeholders to drive Close Loop Corrective Action
Inventory– leads Inventory Commit process across Orgs.  Provide updates in OPT on Inventory Turns, WOS, explains drivers/trends to drive action plan.
LCA Optimization– runs LCA to determine if current supply chain is at optimum for- freight modes, network footprint, transformation costs.
PID Segmentation– provides analytical support to BPM on PID segmentation.
Materials Buffers–  provides analytical support to BPM in on mtls. buffer decisions, tracking and adjustments.
Aging Inventory/Scrap/E&O Process– provides analytical support for aging, scrap and E&O processes- includes M3 scrubbing, E&O bridge, communication and alignment with BU stakeholders on execution.
FY/Quarter OPT Strategic Plans–  provides analytical support to BPM in creating and tracking OPT/BU Strategic Plans.
Scheduling Attributes– set-ups/maintains TAN Sourcing rules to determine how demand is propagated.
EDI Validation– addresses any questions about latest EDI sent so CM is able to load MRP
Safety Stock Sizing– develops SS sizing of PCBAs and DF Buy Items, monitors and controls levels.
–Proovides analytic support for risk buy decisions
LT Heatmap/Hotspots– develops/maintains Heatmap- performs weekly reporting of Extended LT PIDs and recovery date

Delivery Metric Divergence Root Cause– reduces gap between LAS/LTA performance through root cause analysis and corrective action

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