• Ensures global travel system continuity by reporting technological issues and outages in the reservation process (for example, systems, forms) to the appropriate technology teams and following up to ensure resolution; and participating in and providing input for technology discussions.
  • Manages room blocks and allotments for group meetings by communicating with departments to determine meeting requirements; identifying best prices for required services; negotiating prices and contract terms with hotels (for example, sleeping rooms, meeting rooms, meals, transportation to hotel); and monitoring performance for compliance with contract terms.
  • Oversees both international and domestic application of group pricing rules and contractual requirements to itineraries by establishing criteria for researching and comparing routes, fares, rules, connection cities, contracts, and carriers; ensuring criteria are programmed into verification technology and systems; ensuring multiple pricing alternatives are validated and offered; and ensuring the submission of pricing alternatives to the traveler for approval.
  • Manages key regional supplier partnerships by developing relationships with key contacts to expedite assistance for Walmart associates using the supplier’s services; monitoring and reporting to department leadership the value proposition of the supplier’s services; and searching for and developing contacts with new suppliers.
  • Manages the process for group request for proposal (RFP) bids for suppliers by negotiating rates and conditions; ensuring accepted rates that are applicable on a global basis are loaded into the appropriate databases; pulling store location latitude and longitude information from internal databases; collaborating with key stakeholders to facilitate the RFP process; ensuring rates offered compare to rates accepted in the RFP process; reviewing terms of supplier contracts; and setting up the billing process for global suppliers.
  • Ensures internal associate communication tools are updated by educating corporate Travel Department associates, including providing product training, training on formats for reservation processing, training onsite inspections for hotel properties; and following up to ensure understanding and use of training.
  • Provides direction on or resolves customer service issues by tracking issues and communicating with suppliers about recurring issues; pursuing satisfactory resolution of issues with suppliers; recommending elimination of suppliers or locations if problems cannot be resolved; and communicating resolution to Walmart travelers and travel agents.
  • Coordinates, completes, and oversees job-related activities and assignments by developing and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders; supporting plans and initiatives to meet customer and business needs; identifying and communicating goals and objectives; building accountability for and measuring progress in achieving results; identifying and addressing improvement opportunities; and demonstrating adaptability and promoting continuous learning.
  • Provides supervision and development opportunities for associates by hiring and training; mentoring; assigning duties; providing recognition; and ensuring diversity awareness.
  • Ensures compliance with company policies and procedures and supports company mission, values, and standards of ethics and integrity by implementing related action plans; utilizing and supporting the Open Door Policy; and providing direction and guidance on applying these in executing business processes and practices.
  • Represent Walmart Asia in industry regional events and forums related to corporate travel in order to gather insights into industry developments and to benchmark Walmart’s Asia travel program against peer companies and industries.
  • Provides supervision to Asia markets in the correct creation of the business’s travel budget for the next fiscal year, providing historical data for both travel services as well as transactional fee’s.
  • Leads the identification, execution, and tracking of local savings opportunities in the different Asia countries in order to optimize the region’s travel expenses.
  • Oversees the payment process associated to Travel vendors; manages and reconciles central payment platforms (i.e. UATP, Meeting Cards) guaranteeing their correct management and timely payment; supports accounts payable in assuring the appropriate internal distribution of the charges to the corresponding business units.

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