We are relaunching our job section in beta on a new platform called Shenzhen-Jobs.com. This will be the best English resource to find jobs for English speakers in The Greater Bay Area of course still focused on Shenzhen.

With the new site, you will get even more applicants. Candidates will like the clean mobile-friendly design and they will be able to send their resume by email from their phone. Since candidates don’t have to create an account, more will send their resume to companies than ever before.

Below we highlight some of the differences from the old system. First thing to mention, at least for the next 60 days basic job postings will continue to be free.

Jobs Expire after 30 days

In the previous site jobs never expired so it was possible to find jobs that were out-of-date. This was a terrible user experience. Now jobs expire after 30 days.

Standard Web Security

The new site uses the standard SSL protocol to make sure your communication with it is private. It is safe to use on public computers and public Wi-Fi.

Common Platform

The new website uses WordPress which is used by most of the popular websites like Bloomberg so it should be more familiar to users and easier to use than the old ShenzhenParty.com. WordPress is used by 37% of the worlds websites.

Employer Improvements

Post and Create an Account

You can post without having an account. As you post the first time, your account will be created simultaneously reducing the friction for first time job posters to get more jobs that are higher quality. If you have an account on our old site, logging in with it will not work. Please create a new account at the same time you are posting your first job

Google Level Spam Protection

We use the gold standard in spam protection now with Google Recaptcha so our staff can spend more time creating good content and there are less accidental spam approval incidents.

Candidate Applications

You now have the option for candidates to respond to your job postings by email or to link to your website and have them respond through your applicant tracking system. This means you can keep your internal HR processes the same while using our platform.

If you use an email address you can set up email on your mobile phone and receive and respond to candidate responses on your phone instead of back at your desktop. Be sure to use a generic company email address rather than a personal email address to avoid unwanted email.

Increased Search Engine Ranking

We now have a strong domain and have built a platform that will rank even better than our previous job site. Because we use the very relevant domain of Shenzhen-Jobs.com candidates are more likely to click on open positions when they are searching for jobs over a domain containing the name “party”. This will bring new candidates to the site and increase the responses to job ads.

Google prefers sites that are on a secure domain and are mobile friendly. Our new site meets all these basic criteria ensuring a lower bounce rate when new users find it.

Job Seeker Improvements

More Quality Job Postings

We have identified and aggregated sources of high quality jobs based in Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area so you can now find those Shenzhen Management level positions. Higher-quality jobs from Fortune 500 companies posted on the site that will draw in a higher quality of talent.

Mobile Focused

The website now works on your mobile phone. You can view and respond to jobs from your mobile phone. This especially makes it easier when the posts are shared on social media.

Private Messaging Eliminated

No need to create an account and use an antiquated messaging system in your desktop browser to respond to job ads. Instead you can respond either directly by email or via link to the company’s website. Companies can use their current systems to respond to you making it more likely they will followup.


If you have suggestions for us to improve the system be sure to send them to jobs@shenzhenparty.com.